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Quinn bless her poor little heart is just way too dang suspicious for her own good. Because of this she ends up in a land that is not her own. Pfft who needs it! A land that is decidedly old school. SoD introduces you quite brilliantly to that world. Obviously, or I would have moved on. Instead it was a fast paced, mysterious, totally engaging way to start a series. I freaking loved every dang character which is a rarity all in itself. I could easily discern each of their attitudes allowing me to tap into their emotions.

Making the read that much more enjoyable. It sucked you in without wearing you out. It had just the right amount of suspense. And left you hanging without leaving your crippled. Add a dash of hostile enemy take-over and lots of stitches and what you get is the total package for fantasy lovers. One that I am very glad I was self forced to read. And for those of you that are wondering…the series got better with every book!

Get it, Live it, Love it… Pass it on!!! Happy Reading my fellow Kindle-ites and remember: View all 13 comments. Oct 24, Midu Hadi rated it liked it Recommends it for: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. What I liked about it: What I didn't like about it: A good book to curl up with and spend some hours of relaxed reading.

I really wanted to love this book because I liked the writing style and the characters but the story itself just kind of left me wanting As I read, I just kept waiting for something to happen to suck me in, to make me more excited to keep reading. The story started off intriguing, but once Quinn solved the "mystery" of what happened to William, it became a little too low-key for me.

I was intrigued by the world Quinn finds herself in I really wanted to love this book because I liked the writing style and the characters but the story itself just kind of left me wanting I was intrigued by the world Quinn finds herself in and the people there but I wanted more to happen.

Also, I know this is the first book in a series, but the story just ended. I felt like it was unfinished. It almost felt like this was the first half of a book rather than a complete book in and of itself. All in all it's not a bad book but it's not outstanding either. I am curious, however, to see what happens with Quinn and her friends, both old and new.

I don't know what Ms. Puttroff has in store for the next book but since this one isn't all that long, I wonder if putting the two together into a larger novel might not be a better move. This was an unexpectedly delightful pleasant reading! Oct 30, Ray Bliss rated it really liked it Shelves: Quinn is a teenage girl that finds a bridge to an alternate world named Eirentheos, a beautiful medieval world that seems to have no crime or pollution. I finished this book in a day, and really enjoyed the plot.

Quinn has a love interest in 3 different men that will play out in future books, along with her adventures in Eirentheos. On a final note, I feel this is a series, and author you will want to follow. I received the e-book for free through the author Breeana Puttroff, and Smashwords. Mar 25, Kelly Johnston rated it liked it. This one is hard for me to review. Mostly because I liked the idea and the writing style was nice and easy to get into but there was just something off.

I am not really sure how to explain it. The plot seemed very light for lack of better word. I was always waiting for something more. Like I was waiting for the emotional attachment for the characters to kick in. They were likable but didn't really draw me in. Or I was waiting for the meat of the plot to kick in but the end of the story happened This one is hard for me to review.

Or I was waiting for the meat of the plot to kick in but the end of the story happened with some 'oh have you ever though of this I just felt that there could have been more to it. In the beginning the Quinn starts obsessing about a boy, William, who previously had been just another body in school. During this time she is crushing on Zander an old family friend and preparing to go to a dance with him. She starts following William after she sees him walking down towards the river which to her seems like a strange place for someone to walk.

She does follow him on a friday night or two and eventually follows him to another dimension by walking off the end of a broken bridge. Seems a little drastic for your average curiosity. Later in the story the author refers to this time as as weeks of obsession and following William around. I just didn't get that feeling. It didnt seem that drastic to me or that involved I guess.

Then while she is in the other dimension, every few days she has a thought about Zander with a pang of I personally didn't get the feeling that it was all that much of an obsession, nor that there was a strong attachment to either character. It was very quick and I wasn't so engaged with the characters that I really cared much about any of them at that point.

Quinn was just following her curiosity but i didn't get that feeling of obsession or that much about her feelings. The world building was ok. I liked the new dimension and Quinn explained about everything she saw as she went along. The character relationships however weren't developed at all. Some 'reading emotions in their eyes' there and 'feeling a warm flush' here, but I didn't really get a sense of what the main character was feeling towards each person. I am not sure what William was supposed to be as for the most part he ignored her.

Which kind of makes sense since they went to school together but apparently don't know each other at all save for Quinn's obsession which again wasn't very deep. Thomas was very helpful and charming and so was Linnea and the other characters were really nice and had many a 'warm expression in their eyes' when they looked at Quinn.

I just didn't feel what the attachment was supposed to be. Did she care about Thomas and Linnea? What was going on with William, was he supposed to be a love interest, new friend just the person that she followed? She left for her dimension without much being said and with a 'warm thought' as she was returning to Zander.

As for the storyline itself. I didn't realize the main plot was the illness, I just figured that was a side story. Most of the time was spent on talking about the new dimension, what it was like and the naming ceremony. There was some conflict with Tolliver and then all of a sudden she is off on a quest to figure out the answer to the mysterious illness.

But she wasn't really. She was just sent away to keep her out of Tollivers reach, so wasn't that the main story line?

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Then all of a sudden she is solving the problem that two doctors and many others familiar with the world couldn't figure out. Go home, The end. Nothing else about Tolliver or any of the other characters introduced in the beginning. For the most part the story had promise. Jun 04, Sheila rated it really liked it Shelves: The story has a good mix of completeness and mystery by its end, leaving this reader both satisfied and ready for more.

Seeds of Discovery (Dusk Gate Chronicles, #1) by Breeana Puttroff

The heroine is suitably ordinary—no super-powers, nor super-wisdom or strength. She makes very real mistakes in her actions and her relationships, making her a pleasing real-world anchor as the tale moves into a parallel universe. Several young men attract her attention, and she finds it plausibly hard to care about all of them at once.

Some of the mysteries are too easily solved with super-intelligent William and Nathaniel makes less than intelligent assumptions, but the story carries readers easily through these minor irritations. I received a free ecopy of this novel from Lightning Book Promotions in exchange for my honest review. Nov 09, Terry rated it really liked it Shelves: It's pretty rare when a book catches my attention from the very beginning, however "Seeds of Discovery" did From the preface, I was hooked.

Wonderful, unique story, likeable characters, nice narration.

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Puttroff is a great storyteller, and skillfully weaves a tale that will keep you entertained for hours. I definitely want to read the next books in this series, and I hop Breeana Puttroff is off to a flying start with her first book, "Seeds of Discovery", Book 1 of the Dusk Gate Chronicles. I definitely want to read the next books in this series, and I hope there are many.

A fun fairytale adventure in Eirentheos which leaves you wanting more I received this book free through Goodreads. Thank you Breeana Puttroff for the opportunity to read your book.

Seeds of Discovery

I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. May 16, 03loganr rated it did not like it. Quinn is a normal teenage girl. One day she is driving and she sees a car crash. She pulls over to help and sees a boy from her school already helping. She calls the police but before the police get there the boy runs away from the scene. After it happened she started paying attention to him alot more at school to see what he was up to. One day while she was following him he led her to a secret passage to another world.

In the new world she has many adventures like being part of special ceromoni Quinn is a normal teenage girl. In the new world she has many adventures like being part of special ceromonies and helping people in a hospital. I rated this book 1 star because it really sucked. It was very boring with the exception of the first couple chapters. It was poorly writen and does not hold your interest very well. I probably would not reccoment this book to anyone unless you are accepting of most books. Apr 28, Jaime Two Chicks on Books rated it really liked it.

It was a really quick read too! On to book 2! I really liked this book. It had kind of a slow take off but got much more interesting when Quinn finally "crossed over". I felt it took too long at the beginning by focusing on following a boy she barely knew. The drama in the new world had some intriguing aspects that certainly lays the groundwork for more stories in future books. I especially appreciated the fact that the author didn't answer all the questions or solve all the problems presented before the end of the book.

It leaves the reade I really liked this book. It leaves the reader with something to think about and look forward to in the rest of the series. It is very refreshing to read a book that is free of constant cursing or too many gory details. The dynamic between Quinn and the other characters were written in believable terms. Quinn is a responsible and caring character that I look forward to reading more about. What a remarkable start to a series! I didn't even read the description of this book going into reading it, just went off of a recommendation by a friend.

I am SO glad that I took a step of faith and read this. It's a great Young Adult Fantasy book. It is well worth the 5 stars I gave it. It may have a flaw here or there, but, I found it to be a perfect read for me. This book was great if you're looking for a fast paced read with wonderful characters and a great plot. It's fantasy based, but doesn What a remarkable start to a series! It's fantasy based, but doesn't have any supernatural or paranormal beings, as many of the fantasy books nowadays consist of, so it was a nice change of pace.

Anyway, I can't wait to start the next in line to see what happens next: Nov 05, Amber rated it did not like it Shelves: I was bored out of my mind around 25percent of the way through-- but I saw so many good reviews I thought there must be something worth reading, right?! I am so glad I didn't pay a dime for this book and disappointed I wasted valuable reading time on this book. I would rather read a telephone book.

Nov 04, Nicole Storey rated it really liked it. This book was another one of those that grabbed a hold of me at the beginning and would not let go. Quinn Robbins is your typical teenage girl-a little on the shy side, but she has friends and one of them, Zander a boy who has been her friend since she was little , has taken an interest in her. Her life is pretty darn good until she nearly hits a boy crossing the road one night with her car. After that, everything changes. As much as I loved this book and trust me, I did there were some things This book was another one of those that grabbed a hold of me at the beginning and would not let go.

As much as I loved this book and trust me, I did there were some things that nagged at me. Puttroff has a way of using a word or phrase more than a few times to describe something in the book. Also, the book starts off with Quinn having a strange dream and also claims that she has had this dream since she was a child. However, I felt that when the big moment came and we sort of learned about the dream and who was in it-there was not enough explanation.

Lastly, and I really hate to say this, the last page in this book was the worst for me. After going through this wonderful story that brought forth so many strong emotions and kept me hanging on til the very end, the story just…stops. I felt like the roller coaster I had been riding finally crested to the last hill and then stopped at the top of it.

Now, with all of the negative things out of the way, let me say what I loved about this book. The characters are so REAL. The author has that special magic that draws you into their lives and forces you to get to know them and love them.

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She brilliantly gave each one strengths and weaknesses and made sure that the reader knew what they were and that the characters represented them in the story with their words, mannerisms, and actions. By the end, I felt like I had known these characters for years and it hurt to say goodbye to them.

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The story itself is unique. I would classify it as fantasy, but what was so refreshing is that it is not overdone. There are some magical elements, but there is enough reality in the book that it makes the impossible seem possible! There were no vampires or werewolves, but characters that I could relate to and a story plot that I could believe in enough to think that it could actually happen! Her descriptions were vivid and rich in detail. Come join our Summer Bash party! All the authors participating in this great summer giveaway have novels for only.

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Breeana Puttroff , Kindle Fire , kristy k. It is not yet available in paperback. My original plan was to have it available in all three formats by June 1st, but I made some last-minute changes to the story, and that was way too much to ask of my awesome designer. This past year has been a big one for learning and trying new things. Part of learning and trying and adjusting is the process of trying new things, and changing the old ways when the new ones are better.

I am changing this blog over from a WordPress. It will look and work much the same although there are some exciting design changes pending. Nathaniel was not nearly as excited about being interviewed for the blog as Thomas was, but he has graciously agreed to answer our questions. He is a doctor in our world, with a small medical practice in Bristlecone, Colorado, and a healer in his own world who travels throughout Eirentheos and sometimes Philotheum helping establish clinics and impart some of the medical knowledge he has learned in our world, which is much more technologically advanced than his own world is.

How do you cope with being away from home for so long? Do you ever regret spending so much time in our world and wish you could spend more time in your own? On the other hand, I truly love my own world and wish that none of it would ever have been necessary. It is a wish of mine that things in my world would be restored to how they should be, and if that happens then I would return to my own world to live full time there with no hesitation.

Have you ever considered staying in Bristlecone forever? While there are many things I love about that world, and have even grown accustomed to, it would never be my first choice to stay there forever. How do you feel about a horseback ride to Cloud Valley? What are the best and worst things about having medical practices on two different worlds?

Probably the best thing about having access to both worlds is truly having the ability to compare and contrast the different practices in the two. Care is very relational in my world. It took me a while to get used to them, but over the years I have acquired a taste for tomatoes, yes.

For all of the challenges and difficulties I have faced, in my heart I will always be loyal to my real home. Breeana Puttroff , bristlecone , Dusk Gate Chronicles , nathaniel rose , romance , Writing , young adult literature. Time to spend time with my kiddo and catch up on the whole writing thing. And, of course, tackle the havoc that is my home after a long week. Is that too much to ask? I did get a little bit of time to relax and celebrate last night, when I attended a special wedding.

The beautiful, smiling and blushing bride was the little sister of one of my best friends from way back when. My friend Beth and I were in eighth grade when her sister, Little Miss Jessi came into the world, and I remember clearly the night she was born. The way she used to suck, not on her thumb, but on her first two fingers, until she drifted off to sleep and they fell out.

The time we took her to the mall when she was a little over a year old, and all she wanted to do was crawl UP the slanty floor. Beth and I were co-leaders of her Girl Scout troop when she was a little older, and we had some fun times with those girls. Video is unrelated to the product. Please fill out the copyright form to register a complaint. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention seeds of discovery dusk gate gate chronicles breeana puttroff looking forward new world high school another world next book well written even though looking forward whole new william rose book in the series young adult roots of insight fairy tale story line rest of the series.


There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I liked listening to this book. The kingdom of Eirentheos was a very interesting mix of the old and the new. Quinn is a typical high school student until the day she almost hits someone on the highway. The someone is William Rose who she has known since the third grade, or has she known him? She finds herself following him around and even dreaming strange dreams about him. Dreams that make no sense. William is a prince in his world. He lives in a castle with his family, there are 13 of them plus their parents.

There are no cars, no phones, no anything from the modern world except the small things that William has brought in on his trips. Time is also different in this world. It will be ten days before the gate between the worlds will open again, but only one day will have passed in Bristlecone where Quinn lives. You will meet many people in the other world.

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The family is kind and friendly to Quinn, almost like they were expecting her to show up. The naming ceremony for the youngest Rose is coming up and everyone is excited as guests are arriving from all over. Some of them are not as welcome as others and Quinn will find herself the recipient of some unwelcome attention. The group sets off on horseback to take supplies to these clinics. They hope to find some answers as to the cause of the sickness, and to stop it once and for all. This book is probably meant for a much younger audience.

It tells a good story and I have already bought the sequel even though I am not the target audience by a long shot! Although Quinn acts a little younger than her supposed age, she is still a refreshing heroine. The book leaves you wanting more, while not ending on a cliff-hanger. Crazy Critter Lady Top Contributor: This book is great for all ages.

I enjoyed it a great deal, and ended up buying every book in the series, all of which were equally good reads! I can't wait for the next book! Breeana Puttroff has a great fan site as well, and interacts with her fans through facebook. I liked this book. But it dragged a lot of the time and nothing much happened apart from Quinn finding the other world after following William. Becoming a friend of his family. And helping them solve a mystery which did not seem much like a mystery at all.

A lot of unnecessary details, nothing exciting happened. But I'm still gonna read the next book cause I wanna see what happens next.