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He has a lingering crush on Abe, a man who lives in an isolated cabin in the mountain, but even if Abe is not the socialite of the city, Collin thinks neither him could be interested in the shy man he is. On the other hand Abe has chosen a self inflicted isolation, almost a prison to make amends for an horrible sin in his past, and how can a good man like Collin being interested in him? A snow storm that strands Collin to Abe's cabin will help the two to see how much they have in common and how much they were mistaken about each other desires.

As often in the series, there is no drama, no angst maybe a little in Abe and Richard's past history , a lot of sex and an obviosly and unavoidable happily ever after: Feb 17, Arlyn rated it liked it Shelves: This was not my favorite in the series, by far There were 2 love stories going on simultaneously. That made for a somewhat disjointed read.

The Sound of White

Abe and Collin were cute. Their background stories were adequate for the brief time I got to know them. Abe was definitely the more captivating of the two, harboring a seriously dark secre This was not my favorite in the series, by far Abe was definitely the more captivating of the two, harboring a seriously dark secret. Collin seemed one-note, however, circling around the same issue through the entirety of the story.

Sounds Of Yeo Valley

I just don't get it. Not a fan of these two. I didn't really care for either MC, which doesn't bode well for my enjoyment of any story, but I find that especially holds true for a romance. All that said, the storyline was entertaining enough that I was never bored and the brazenly explicit sex was plentiful enough to make for some seriously naughty fun. Jun 05, Amber rated it it was amazing. May 12, Jenny Wood rated it it was amazing. I love this series They were both stubborn and acting like jerks for a little bit but, for some reason I held Chad a little bit more accountable, I feel like Richard had reason to be guarded Alth I love this series Although I really liked them together at the end.

Something different with this one was the story within the story, we also got a story about Collin and Abe which I absolutely adored. Both of them needed each other and I loved it! They were both insecure, Collin because he felt invisible and Abe because he was punishing himself for an accident that happened years ago. They needed each other to start living again and I loved getting to see that. Loved it and I can't wait for more! Sep 27, Chappy rated it really liked it Shelves: I think this is one of the better Cattle Valley books I've read so far Lot's of work is going on at the new resort up on the mountain.

Colin has been doing some electrical work there but then he gets sent to deliver a cheque to Abe for some wood purchased by the hotel. Abe is a reclusive mountain man and when Colin gets snowed in with him, he doesn't know what to expect. Back at the resort, Chad is freaking out and trying to remain on schedule for the big o I think this is one of the better Cattle Valley books I've read so far Back at the resort, Chad is freaking out and trying to remain on schedule for the big opening.

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Richard, who will manage the bar, is just trying to keep out of his way. Then some weird stuff starts happening in one of the rooms that could derail everything. Chad and Richard, also snowed in, decide to try and figure out what's going on.

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The only negative I have is that sometimes I got confused with the rapid switching back and forth between both stories. Jan 17, Shannon rated it liked it.

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  7. Not great, not bad, just meh. We had some pretty good smexing and a touch of BDSM but nothing hardcore. This was also a book about two completely separate couples so we don't get to know either one really well. I'll admit I've not read this series in order so we probably knew everyone from previous book. First Chad and Richard Chad's a smaller man, a bossy asshole and a Dom and Richard's a large man but a submissive. They started out hating each other but that didn't last long then things got Not great, not bad, just meh. They started out hating each other but that didn't last long then things got lovely!

    Then Abe and Collin. Abe's a reclusive mountain man with a shallow but painful past and Collin's a man who thinks he's forgettable. Collin goes to make a delivery to Abe's house and gets stuck there in the snowstorm and voila! Sexy smexing and HEA. That's about it for this one. Jun 30, Vfields Don't touch my happy! Carol Lynne writes short stories about the inhabitants of this small Wyoming town featuring a romance in each installment. This time we meet two couples and that was the problem for me. I was a bit frustrated by this visit to Cattle Valley.

    Richard's recovery was miraculous. What was all that "daddy" stuff? Chad, we ne Carol Lynne writes short stories about the inhabitants of this small Wyoming town featuring a romance in each installment. Chad, we needed to know so much more. Collin was just cured right? So many missed opportunities to go to the next level. Dec 01, Miralinda rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 19, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a good book but I was waiting for Richard's story after Wyn's and I felt like his book should have been it's own story.

    I really liked Abe and Collin's story and Richard and Chad's but honestly I don't see why they were combined instead of each couple getting their own story!

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    Other than that, I really liked the book and most of the reviews I saw didn't like the book that much! His last "relationship" which consisted of sneaking around with a committed man in alleys and motels has left him unwilling to commit for fear of being hurt. Meanwhile, Logan admits that all the ranching skills he has, he learned so he could be close to Jax.

    What he really wants is to run a motorcycle shop, but he can barely read. This story didn't have any tough issues to overcome for the couple. Mostly, their problem is miscommunication. When they do finally decide truth is the best course of action - wallah! The sex between the two was vanilla, but fun none-the-less. The story was an enjoyable break from the intense angst many gay romances have including some in Cattle Valley. Both characters are likeable and fit well into the soap opera setting; Logan being the resident "bad boy" with the Harley and tattoos though not as many as Ryan!

    Though I did enjoy it, it wasn't as good as all the other Cattle Valley stories I have read. He's a submissive into BDSM and is badly beaten up by an abusive ex at the end of that tale. Now, Richard is in charge of Ezra's new club at the soon to open ski lodge. Chad is the general manager of the lodge, and a dominant top. The two locks horns until a blizzard brings them together. I think the reason this story didn't resonate with me was that Chad didn't seem to be a natural dom.

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    He's very insecure about his less than average height, which he was harassed so much over. Richard is much taller and largely built. Chad even wonders if his attraction is based on topping someone who reminds him of a bully from years ago. Then there is Richard who is so needy for a committed relationship that he doesn't want to get involved with Chad unless he's in it for the long haul. How about building some mutual respect and caring first? The sex is spicy, but also a trifle uncomfortable because these issues are constantly there and the story doesn't expand after they have supposedly been resolved.

    I did appreciate that Richard does stand up for himself and is unwilling to be treated poorly again, but I didn't feel this had a real HEA. More like a start, with some real work still to come. The other couple is Abe and Collin. Abe has been punishing himself for a reckless and selfish act years before - he feels unworthy of love. Collin feels "invisible" and boring.

    Flashback Friday Book Review: The Sound of White (Cattle Valley #8) by Carol Lynne

    These two end up trapped by the same blizzard. With so much time spent on Richard and Chad, this couple was left wanting. Again, decent sex scenes but nothing terribly special in their relationship at all. Overall, while I don't regret buying this volume, it just wasn't as good as the previous Cattle Valley books. I hope that V5 goes back to the soap opera-style formula that worked so well. Tomas de la Cruz. How do series work? Helpers Isan 56 , RedMonkey 54 , elisa. Cattle Valley Series by cover 1—8 of 48 next show all.

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