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12 year old girl shoots biggest buck ever!!!! Bow Hunt

The buck first shows himself about 40 yards away, but Erb cannot see horns. It approaches a scrape about 35 yards from Erb, raises its neck and licks a limb underneath scrape.

How to Make the Best Bow Shot to Kill a Deer

The buck continues toward the tree stand, approaching the yearlings. At about 20 yards, he turns broadside to Erb, who is now certain it is a shooter buck. An accomplished shooter who participates in 3-D tournaments during the summer months, Erb is confident in the shot and takes it. The shot was 18 yards and I find two-thirds of my arrow snapped off right there. He returns to his truck and waits 45 minutes, killing the time by texting buddies.

He then grabs his flashlights and begins to trail the deer.

Mike Hanback: Biggest 7-Point Buck Ever?

I see a log up there and walk a little bit further. Some hunters across the states had great seasons, while others are facing declining deer populations.

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Regardless of deer populations, some giant deer were shot and made waves across the Internet. This buck was shot on Sept. It beat the old record by nearly 30 inches. Learn the whole story here. Their team scored on multiple deer over inches.

Whitetail 365

Learn all about the whole hunt here. Jim Thome is really good at two things— hitting home runs and shooting big bucks. I followed that buck an excruciating amount of time at full draw, until the tree stabilized momentarily, allowing me to dump the string at the last possible moment. Swaying trees are more problematic. This means maintaining solid T-form between torso and shoulders, bending only at the hips to address targets appropriately.

Shot success also depends on accurately reading the body language of each animal addressed.

The Biggest Deer I'd Ever Seen

This is part understanding the general disposition of deer in your area — innately relaxed or on edge — part seeking signs telling you if each deer makes a viable candidate for an archery shot. This is important information when contemplating shot timing, making a decision as simple as deciding to stand to shoot or remain seated. Deer displaying irritably-swiveling ears, swishing tails or bobbing heads tell you to proceed cautiously, waiting for deer to settle before attempting to draw, or if already anchored, that a string jump is more likely than not.

Deer eyeing you or stomping hooves will almost certainly result in a jumped string and potentially misplaced shot. Calm deer, those who have no idea you exist, always make the highest-odds targets.

Such developments can occur in just a finger snap, or allow you minutes to gather your wits. Regarding string silencers old-fashioned Cat Whiskers still get my vote. Owner Jerry Gentellalli recommends attaching them with an over- hand knot; instead of serving them into place or threading through string splits.

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Their original LimbSavers limb dampeners, now in their third generation, are still one of the best bow-silencing products around, made for solid and split- limb bow designs. Too Much Draw Weight?

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This works for 3-D targets but translates into attention-grabbing movement and lost shooting opportunities while in a tree-stand. Add cold, stiff muscles after several freezing hours on stand and it can also lead to injury. Sit on the floor with legs forward and slightly spread. If you struggle to reach full draw, reduce bow weight.