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Macaroni Defense

These benefits usually include cash bonus, stock options , retirement package, medical benefits, and of course a handsome severance pay. It is also used as a tool for Anti-takeover mechanism or Poison pill to dissuade any potential merger. The history of Golden Parachute dates back to , when Charles C. It is said that amidst the tug of war to push off Howard Hughes, Tillinghast Jr was offered a generous Golden Parachute in case Hughes gained control of the company and fired Tillinghast.

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However, the tide of events was different and Charles C. Amusingly, he also never collected the parachute. While this was an isolated incident in the 60s, it soon became a preferred way of compensating white-collar employees, particularly in the late 70s.

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Hostile takeovers became the order of the day in the s and the US corporate landscape saw a surge in the Golden Parachutes. The graph shows that there was a significant rise in the Golden Parachute contracts in the decade between and The cumulative number of contracts jacked up from 75 to Earlier only small companies fell prey to hostile takeovers.

However, with the popularity of junk bond market, financing became comparatively easier and even large multinationals and Fortune companies became easy targets of hostile takeovers. During this period, several companies included the clause of Golden parachute in their employment contracts in an attempt to retain highly qualified employees. This was considered a major element of security by high-level executives before they took up jobs in merger-prone industries.

Needless to say it was a defensive mechanism also for hostile takeovers as it increased the cost of takeovers considerably. Many a times, there are few terms being interchangeably used with Golden Parachute. One of them is Golden Handshake.

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Golden Handshake is nothing but an upgraded form of Golden Parachute. The severance package in Golden handshake is a bit more generous than the latter. Another minor variation is that Golden Handshakes are offered to high-ranking executives who are terminated through dismissal, corporate restructuring, or even during their scheduled retirement.

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The severance package for Golden Handshake includes cash, equity and certain stock options. There can be other elements included in it as well, which solely depends on the discretion of the company. Another term used in the similar sense is Golden Handcuffs. While Golden Parachutes and Golden Handshakes may make the high-level CEOs more inclined towards exit to receive the hefty package waiting for them, Golden Handcuffs act in the opposite way.

They act as a disincentive for executives for leaving the company and joining the competitors. It is said that under the clause for Golden Handcuffs, executives have to give back the bonuses and rewards received if they leave before a stipulated period. There are two perspectives of evaluating the nuances of Golden Parachute. Golden Parachutes have been the favourite punching bag for many critics. The groups particularly miffed with it are the shareholders and other employees of the company.

Few reasons why Golden Parachutes are usually opposed to are:. They feel many CEOs who are promised hefty severance package will only be enamoured by it and not work for the long-term goals of the company.

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Whether or not their fears are genuine is difficult to be concluded, though. Bebchuk, Alma Cohen and Charles C. The company was granted a patent to make "aquatic storage facilities. Equities enjoyed robust gains between and , but a McKinsey report warned that these returns could soon deteriorate significantly. BBBY is running the company. At Friday's annual shareholder meeting, they voted to approve two proposals Here we tell you about the diverse features and advantages of 25 different financial instruments.

Golden Parachute

Typically -- assuming the offered price is high enough -- a company's stock will pop on news that it's being acquired. In an interesting reversal of that situation, shares of truck stop chain WFC agreed to a number of conditions regarding its ongoing operations. First, the bank agreed to pay a During an acquisition, there's a short-term impact on the stock prices of both companies. Typically, the target company's Learn about the effect on the share price of companies that are targets of hostile takeovers, which are tactics used by famed Examine the important calculation of a terminal value in discounted cash flow analysis, and learn which method of calculating Learn about why a business might use a stock buyback to thwart a hostile takeover attempt by reducing its total assets and